Episode #13113

The Basement part 147 -Gods and Monsters.

Let me give you some background." said Jax.
It was eerie how she could hear him and not see his lips move.
He sat down and the stool protested under his weight.
First. The whole business of  Minos trying to earn favor by praying to Poseidon to send him a snow-white bull, as a sign of support. Then kill it to show honor to Poseidon. But he didn't so Aphrodite made PasiphaĆ«, Minos' wife, fall deeply in love with the bull. Then the offspring of their coupling was the monstrous Minotaur."
Jax shook his head. Then gave a snort of disgust. "Its not true. Now the Gods as they call themselves are powerful wizards. It would be easy to call them gods."
"One wizard. named Poseidon. work for the King of Crete. He wanted an army of solders that where "strong as any bull"
"The tricky part is you cannot read the find print in a verbal contract.The King of Crete, Minos wanted power. He chose his finest warrior. Theseus to be Poseidon lab rat. It did not turn out too well. This part is a bit vague. Poseidon and Theseus did not like each other. So it is not known if Poseidon buggered it up on purpose or not."
Minos knew he made a mistake and tried to fix it.Each year seven males and seven females where given to Poseidon make into Minos army. Either by magic or by 'natural means.'
"Minos plan to take over Greece with his minotaur army fell part when we revolted. We had human brains and intelligence. In fact we began to develop skills and insight that some might say we could see into the future. "
There where but a few of us. We could not stand up to the whole army of Greece. So we fled. But not far enough."