Episode #13059

Arcking Wand

Arcking had to calm every one down and straighten everything out. He did not lie. but told only the truth....from  a certain point of view.
He and what few centaurs had not ran off chasing Syryn had stayed. word would pass that Lyra was blameless but it would take a bit of doing. He had plans for her.
The truth was out about her. She would remain a centaur. Nothing he could do about that.
The Black Cauldron was lurking about. He could see their hand in this. But they never showed themselves. He was going to have to work on flushing them out.
 He hated to call in a favor from so many. But he needed to start getting his players moving.
So many people depended on him. It was a heavy burden and one he did not want to throw away.
So it begins....