Episode #13032

The Basement part 145

Finally she was taken to a door and he walked in and Elvis motioning her to enter. It was brilliantly lit and it hurt her eyes for a moment.
Elvis directed her to a chair. There was a goblet and plate a fruit on a table.
The goblet did not have wine but fruit punch. Well that was something. Fruit of any kind  she had not seen since arriving. Spoilage must be a problem.
Elvis left the room and closed the door behind him.
the room was a white wash and needed to be painted. some the the paint was peeling off the walls. there was a curtain hanging but upon closer examination there was no window behind it. What was there was a crudely drawn picture of a sun.
Joanna had seen this sun symbol before. Where was it?
As she was pondering about the symbol the door opened. She let the curtain fall back into place and looked at the minotaur entering the room.
He was a big one. even with all the door adjusted to accommodate their height he had to duck to enter. He wore a red robe that was open to show a white muscle shirt Black sports shorts. Leather arm bands and collar. He also was carrying a clipboard.
He sat down in the chair opposite the one she had been directed to sit down in.
Joanna retook her seat.
He took in a long breath and let it out. "Thank you. I am Jax."